The firm’s founder—Jason E. Wright—joined the U.S. Marine Corps while in high school and went on to serve for eight years across the globe as an infantryman, Scout Sniper, and sniper instructor (training over 300 Marines to be snipers), earning multiple awards, then worked two years as an “independent contractor” supporting U.S. Government activities in high-threat locations.

Snipers are one of the most cost-effective tools in the entire military arsenal. Carrying only what is needed on their backs and relying principally on stealth, sniper teams operate out in front of friendly lines—at the “tip of the spear”—to gather intelligence and deliver lethal effects on precise targets from up to 1,000 yards or more away, in a way that minimizes collateral damage.

Military commanders like to call that a “force multiplier” … something small that can achieve the same or even better results than other options, at far less cost.

Wright Commercial Litigation has a similar objective in mind: a small independent legal services provider who can, using either full-scale representation or limited scope engagements, deploy a premium level of skill on behalf of select clients in targeted ways that saves them money.

The firm’s logo represents that history and purpose by drawing on the symbol of a U.S. military sniper. On a battle map, sniper teams are identified by the letter “S” with an arrow pointing in the team’s primary direction of fire. Wright Commercial Litigation’s trademark features an italicized “W” with a spear that points in only one direction: up and higher to signify the firm’s mission, ethics, and value to clients.

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