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Tornadoes can cause catastrophic damage to homes, businesses, and all types of property. For Texans who live in Tornado Alley, tornado damage is a danger that we live with all too frequently. Every year, Texas gets hit by tornadoes causing millions of dollars in first-party property insurance damage to homes and businesses throughout the State.

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If you have experienced tornado damage, you may have a right to compensation from your home or business insurance policy. Unfortunately, many insurance companies make settlement offers that are too low or deny claims in bad faith. At Wright Commercial Litigation, we are proud to stand up to bad faith practices to help families and businesses who’ve suffered damage recover in full.

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Texas Tornadoes Cause Significant Damage

Many tornadoes don’t reach wind speeds over 110 miles per hour, but others can far exceed that causing catastrophic property damage. An average of 132 tornadoes touch down in Texas every year. The Red River Valley of North Texas is reported to have the highest frequency of tornadoes, but they occur throughout the State. In 2020, tornadoes caused approximately $2.53 billion in property damages across the United States. Tornadoes have been known to devastate entire towns, leaving property and business owners financially decimated. 

What Should I Do After a Tornado Damages My Property?

Living through a tornado can be among the most stressful and traumatic experiences a person can have. When the tornado has also destroyed your home, business, or other property, matters become even more complicated. After you ensure your safety and the safety of those around you, you’ll need to take decisive action. Contact your insurance company quickly as you can to inform it of tornado damage.

When you speak to the insurance company, write down the name and contact information of the employees that you speak to at the company. It’s also wise to keep a log of all the conversations you have with the adjusters and claims personnel. Include the topic that you discussed and the timeframes provided to you by the representative. You should also list any documentation requested and keep your own copies of everything you send to the insurance company or provide to its adjuster.

In the hours and days after a tornado damages your property, water lines, gas supply lines, and power lines can cause even more damage. It is wise to make an effort to prevent further damage but do not enter the property unless it is safe to do so. If your home has already been totally destroyed, there will be little you can do. Avoid paying for substantial repairs or entering into a long-term repair contract until you hear back from your insurance company. If you do get work done yourself, make sure you keep detailed records and receipts of any work performed at your property.

Obtaining Compensation Through a Tornado Damage Insurance Claim 

The majority of Texas property owners pay for natural disaster insurance as a way to protect themselves from tornado damage. Unfortunately, insurance companies sometimes deny valid claims and are known for failing to pay out the full value of a loss. For this reason, it’s critical that you keep detailed records of all your interactions with the insurance company and any repair attempts they make. 

The insurance company may require you to provide them with a Proof of Loss statement. This document states all the property items that were damaged or lost. You should create this document in an online form and add items to it as they come to mind. It can be difficult to list all your lost belongings right away, especially if your entire home was destroyed. Take your time to make sure you don’t miss anything. Include items you may not think are valuable enough. Every item will add up in the end.

What If I’m Unhappy with my First-Party Property Insurance Company’s Response

Insurance companies can be overwhelmed with claims after a tornado damages property in Texas. In other cases, however, insurance companies act in bad faith and deny claims based on invalid reasons. Human error can also lead to mistakes that affect your claim. If you suspect that your insurance provider is not responding correctly to your claim, it’s essential that you reach out to an attorney as soon as possible. Far too many tornado damage victims accept the first settlement offer, leaving them with thousands of dollars in damages that the insurance company should have paid, but didn’t. An attorney can help you review your policy and enforce your rights. 

How an Experienced Tornado Damage First-Party Property Insurance Attorney Can Help

Wright Commercial Litigation has significant experience dealing with insurance companies. The firm is familiar with all the tactics used to try to deny, underpay, or delay compensating policyholders.

When necessary, the firm engages qualified damage and causation experts to counteract the insurance company’s experts and testify in court should that become necessary. Whenever possible, the firm negotiates with the insurance company to achieve a favorable outcome. However, when a settlement can’t be reached, is firm is fully prepared to take your case to court and win at trial.

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If your home or business experienced tornado damage in Texas, and your insurance claim is being underpaid, put on hold, or denied, you need an experienced attorney on your side. Going up against a first-party property insurance company can be intimidating, but with an experienced attorney from Wright Commercial Litigation on your side, you can feel better about protecting your rights. The firm has a track record of holding insurance companies accountable and obtaining compensation.

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